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New Jersey

Why Donate?

Plasma saves lives.

In emergency situations, your donation can make the difference between life and death for patients in need.

You’ll be compensated. 

We recognize that your time is valuable. So when you take time to donate, we’re happy to pay you.

Giving back feels great. 

With every donation, you’re giving back to your community and the people that live and work in it. 

Three Simple Steps to Plasma Donation


Visit a center in your area.


Our trained team oversees your plasma donation.


Your plasma is sent to the lab to prepare it for those in need.

How Plasma Helps

Plasma plays a role in maintaining our blood pressure, blood volume, and pH balance. Without it, we wouldn’t have many of the necessary proteins that drive our immune system and support blood clotting either. All of these functions are critical to staying healthy. 

Unlike blood transfusions, blood plasma has more specific purposes, like helping people who have experienced severe trauma, burn, or shock. It can also help adults and children who have cancer or blood clotting disorders. 

Ready to Donate?

Review the Checklist.