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How to Donate Plasma in West Valley City

Plasma donation is an act of kindness that is vital to saving lives. As a key component of blood, plasma contains essential proteins and antibodies for treating certain diseases, infections, and emergencies involving trauma. It’s also used in medical research to find solutions for certain conditions. 

At ABO Plasma, you can donate plasma in West Valley City and make a difference for patients and medical research. On top of fostering a sense of solidarity and empathy within the community, you can receive compensation for your donation. Start your journey as a valued plasma donor today.

Why Should You Donate Plasma?

Plasma has numerous properties that benefit patients, medical researchers, and other fields in the medical industry. Unfortunately, plasma can’t be artificially created in a lab, so those who need it rely on donations from healthy individuals. By scheduling a West Valley City plasma donation, you can:

  • Save Lives: Healthcare professionals use plasma to treat patients with immune deficiencies, blood disorders, severe burns, and other emergency conditions requiring plasma nutrients, proteins, and hormones.
  • Help Recovering Patients: Plasma can be used for convalescent patients recovering from viral diseases, chronic conditions, burns, etc. This can assist with a faster and more effective recovery.
  • Assist Medical Research: Plasma donations are crucial for research and developing new therapies for various diseases and blood-related conditions. By donating plasma, you contribute to the advancement of medical science.
  • Earn Compensation: Our West Valley City plasma center compensates for successful donations. Consider it our token of appreciation for the time our donors take to give back to others.
  • Make a Difference: Knowing that you have contributed to saving or improving someone’s life can give you a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. Plasma donation is an opportunity to give back to your local community as it helps ensure that plasma is available for those who need it urgently.
  • Repeat Donations: Unlike blood, which requires a longer waiting time before donating again, plasma donors can donate as frequently as twice a week.

What Are the Plasma Donor Eligibility Requirements in West Valley City?

At ABO Plasma, we screen our donors to ensure their safety and the quality of plasma products for those in need. To proceed with plasma donation, you must meet our strict eligibility criteria. On top of these requirements, donors undergo a physical examination by qualified staff to ensure they’re fit for donation. 

  • Age and Weight: Donors must be 65 and 70 and weigh at least 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. These ensure that the donor’s body is physically fit and capable of donating without adverse side effects.
  • Health: Donors must be in good health at the time of donation. This includes no history of certain medical conditions or illnesses. Donors with infections or irregularities with their blood pressure or sugar levels may not be qualified.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Use: Donors must not drink alcoholic beverages up to 48 hours before their donation appointment. This ensures that their blood’s alcohol content level doesn’t affect the plasma.
  • Location: Only residents within a 50-mile radius of the West Valley City plasma donation center can donate in this location. You must provide proof of your permanent address to proceed with the donation. 
  • Piercings and Tattoos: Individuals with tattoos and piercings can donate if they have not had new piercings or tattoos added within the last four months. 

Upon arriving at the West Valley City plasma donation center, first-time potential donors must complete a questionnaire about their medical history and lifestyle habits. A qualified staff member will interview the donor and conduct a physical exam before clearing them for donation.

About West Valley City, UT

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountain range, West Valley City is a vibrant, bustling city located in Salt Lake County, Utah, and is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. With a population of over 130,000, it’s the second-largest city in the state.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the stunning natural surroundings and the proximity to the hub of cultural and economic activities in downtown Salt Lake City. The city features a variety of amenities that allow people of all backgrounds to enjoy living in this diverse community. 

The people of West Valley City contribute to its energetic atmosphere and distinctive charm. As a melting pot of various cultural backgrounds, the community shares its traditions and heritage through events, cultural festivals, and daily interactions. 

ABO Plasma’s centers provide a safe, convenient, and comfortable experience for plasma donors in the West Valley City area and nearby communities. Help us make a difference in countless lives by scheduling your West Valley City and Salt Lake City plasma donation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents Should I Provide When Visiting a Plasma Donation Center in West Valley City?

Donors must bring the following documents to their appointment:

  • Valid Photo Identification: A current government-issued ID must be presented to verify your identity. Some acceptable IDs include your driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, and military ID.
  • Social Security Number: Bring your Social Security card to verify your eligibility. If you don’t have a card, bring any documentation as proof of your Social Security number. This can include tax documents, paystubs, bank statements, etc.
  • Proof of Address: This is to confirm that you are a resident within a 50-mile radius of ABO Plasma’s West Valley City plasma center. Examples include your most recent bank statements, rental contracts, and other proof of billing postmarked within the last 30 days.
  • Additional Requirements for Non-US Citizens: If you’re not a US citizen, you must present your US Visa or government ID. Mexico residents must present their Border Crossing Card. 

How Long Does It Take To Donate Plasma?

On average, most plasma donation processes can take one to two hours. The second donation is usually a faster experience as donors don’t have to undergo a physical exam.

What Will My First Visit Be Like?

First-time potential donors must schedule an appointment. After arriving at your designated time, you’ll undergo a brief health interview and physical exam so that our qualified staff can assess if you’re fit to donate. If you are, you’ll proceed to the extraction process. 

The extraction process uses an automated machine to draw blood and separate plasma. You will be seated while one of our staff members inserts a tube into your vein to collect blood and another to return blood to your body. The machine takes the extracted blood, separates the plasma, and sends the remaining components back into your body. 

After treatment, you may be asked to recuperate for several minutes before leaving.

How Should I Prepare for My Plasma Donation?

After scheduling your first plasma donation appointment, you must prepare up to two days before the appointment day. Follow these guidelines for a smooth and comfortable donation experience:

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. 
  • Get enough hours of sleep the night before your donation. 
  • Eat a healthy meal, preferably food rich in iron. 
  • Increase your intake of non-caffeinated beverages three hours before your appointment.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Choose tops with sleeves that provide easy access to the elbow for easier extraction. 
  • Don’t forget to bring the required documents with you.

You should repeat these preparations during your second donation. 

What Should You Do After Donating Plasma?

After donating plasma, you should do the following:

  • Replenish lost fluids by increasing your water intake.
  • Eat a nutritious meal rich in protein and iron.
  • Avoid strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects hours after the extraction.
  • Monitor the injection spots – bruising is common and subsides within several days. Contact a healthcare professional in case of infection. 
  • Schedule your second plasma donation. 

How Often Can I Donate Plasma?

While we appreciate any donation we can get at ABO Plasma, we want to ensure donation doesn’t cause adverse effects on our donors’ health. You can schedule plasma donations twice a week, the second scheduled at least 48 hours after the first. This gives your body enough time to replenish plasma levels. 

When Can I Come Back for My Second Plasma Donation?

After you finish your first donation, you don’t have to schedule an appointment for the second one. Come anytime during open hours for your second donation at least 48 hours after your first. 

If it has been over four months since your first donation, you must schedule an appointment and undergo another physical examination. 

When Should I Expect My Payment? And, How Do I Receive It?

We will process your payment within 24 hours after a successful second donation. If the funds aren’t in your account after 24 hours, contact our plasma center in West Valley City, and our staff will check and process it immediately. 

Be A Plasma Donor and Save Lives

Your plasma donation can be valuable for those in need. With ABO Plasma, we can ensure your safety during our convenient and comfortable extractions and compensate you for your successful donation. Schedule your first appointment today.

Our Team

ABO Plasma is part of a small group of independent blood plasma collectors backed by an executive team with extensive experience in the industry. We share collective expertise in regulatory licensing, real estate, operations, quality, accounting, and collection activities.

Our team is proud to collaborate to help save lives every day.

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Robert Groom

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Yonghoon Kim

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