Am I eligible? Use the checklist below to confirm your ability to donate plasma. 

Donation Checklist

You must be 18 years of age or older.
You must weigh 110 lbs. or more.
You must be in good health.
You must not have had new piercings or tattoos in the previous four months.
You must have valid identification.
You must have a permanent address.


What should I bring? Use the list below to ensure you bring the required documents. 

  • A valid Government-issued identification like a state-issued driver’s license or military ID card. 
  • Your social security card or valid proof of your social security number.
  • If you’re not a US resident, you’ll need a US Visa or Government ID. For residents of Mexico, a valid Border Crossing Card is required. 
  • Proof of a local residence. You can use a piece of mail such as a utility bill postmarked in the last 30 days, or a valid lease, etc. 

How do I prepare for my visit?

Use the list below for tips to help your visit go smoothly. 

  • Drink plenty of water, juice, or other non-caffeinated beverages 2-3 hours before you arrive. We recommend 4-6 glasses. Avoid caffeine in the same time period.
  • Don’t drink any alcohol for 24 hours before your plasma donation. 

  • Do eat a meal before you arrive. 
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before your plasma donation. 

You must know

The first donation is used only after a second donation is completed.

Donating plasma the second time will take much less time than your first visit.

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