Become a Donor

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If you’re considering donating, you may be curious about the process. We’ll walk you through what to expect before your first visit.

First, our experienced team will help you get settled upon arrival. Much like donating blood, donating plasma requires a sterile needle inserted in your vein to remove blood. Not to worry, our trained phlebotomists are great at what they do and will make your experience as painless as possible. 

Unlike donating blood, plasma uses a process called plasmapheresis. This process is automated and simply separates your red blood cells for collection before returning the rest of your blood back to you!

Expect the whole process to take about two hours on your first visit. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable during your time with us. Once you’re done, the plasma is sent off to the lab to get it ready for transport.  

Did You Know?  

Plasma is the largest component of human blood, about 55%! It contains salts, enzymes, water, proteins and more. 

Plasma is 90% water!

Plasma is a transporting medium for cells and various substances that are vital to the human body. 

Plasma carries out many functions, including clotting blood and fighting diseases. 

Source plasma is the plasma collected from donors through plasmapheresis.